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Step into a whole new Japan at Tottori Prefecture, with its pristine coastlines, untouched nature sceneries & majestic Mt. Daisen. Located in Western Japan along the Sea of Japan, Tottori is famous for their massive Sand Dunes, stretching from the coastal regions to the north of the city centre. 

Apart from that, Tottori is also known for their specially cultivated 20th Century Pears, freshly caught Matsuba Crab just off the shore & many other special ingredients such as Tottori Sakyu Rakkyo (Japanese Scallions). With so much to offer, one might be surprised to know that Tottori is actually one of Japan's least populated prefecture!

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Virtual Tour Facebook Live

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17 Jan (Sun) - Sand Dunes & Uradome Coast

31 Jan (Sun) - Sand Museum, Shan Shan Festival & Fish Market

21 Feb (Sun) - 20th Century Pear Museum, Sake Brewery & Onsen

07 Mar (Sun) - Hanakairo, Mitaki-en & Mt Daisen

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Sightseeing & Culture

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Tottori Sand Dunes

The largest sand dunes in Japan and a must-visit tourist spot in Tottori! You can do various activities such as sandboarding & camel riding here. 

Nearby, you can visit The Sand Museum, where famous artist worldwide will create sand sculptures every year. 


Hanakairo Flower Park


A 50-hectare flower park located nearby Mt Daisen, where you can enjoy different kinds of flowers all year round! 

On rainy days, you can walk through the 1 km "Flower Cloister", a sheltered porch that leads you around the park.


Mt Daisen


Standing at 1,709 metres high, Mt Daisen is one of Chugoku region's highest peaks. Enjoy different views of Mt Daisen when you visit during different seasons! 

The popular seasons are autumn & winter where you can ski down the slopes!

Tottori's Speciality

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Nijisseiki Nashi (20th Century Pears)

Mention Tottori and people will instantly name Nashi as one of the famous produce from this region. The 20th Century pear is one of the most cultivated species for over a hundred years. It is known for its pale yellow colour, thin skin, with a delicate sweetness & extremely juicy. You can enjoy this from late August to early September.

Matsuba-gani (Matsuba Crab)

Being the top producer of crabs in Japan, male snow crabs caught in the Tottori area are also known as "Matsuba Crabs". Blessed with a plankton-rich seafloor, it resulted in Matsuba Crabs with flavourful meat. You can enjoy this luxurious winter delicacy during their harvesting season from November to March!

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Omiyage from Tottori