This "Takano Shuzo Niigata Komachi Junmai Daiginjo" sake is an elegant sake from a family-owned boutique, Takano Brewery. Using Niigata Komachi rice and polished to 50%, you can savour its deep, full-bodied flavour which leaves a light, lingering aftertaste. 


Junmai, meaning "pure rice" in Japanese, refers to sake brewed with only rice, water, yeast and koji; no additives such as sugar or alcohol is added. Being a Junmai Daiginjo sake, it is brewed with a special yeast and fermentation techniques. Enjoy this fine sake with your family and loved ones today!


Made in Japan. 

Product of Niigata Prefecture.

Information about Sake

Rice Polishing Rate: 50%

720 ml, 15-16% Alcohol

Light & slightly Sweet


SMV: +2

Acidity: -

Recommended Serving Temperature: Room Temperature, Chilled


Expiry Date

Subjected to changes depending on batches. 

Please be assured that products offered and delivered would be at least 2 weeks away from the expiry date.

Takano Shuzo Niigata Komachi Junmai Daiginjo Sake (720 ml)

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