This "Stone-milled Hitachi Autumn/Aki Soba" produced from Ibaraki Prefecture,  differentiates itself from the usual Soba with its superior scent & flavour. Given that the region is famed for its production of high quality buckwheat flour, this particular brand of Soba has been named by experts as the "King of Buckwheat" for its deep & full-bodied flavour.

In addition, it has been tastefully packaged in a Japanese Washi-paper like packaging with imitation gold & sliver flakes - making it a presentable gift.

Try this quality Hitachi Aki Soba Noodle today with your family & loved ones!


Made in Japan.

Product of Ibaraki Prefecture.


How to cook Soba

1) Start by boiling water in the pot.

2) Gently place noodles separately into pot.

3) Allow it to boil for around 6 mins.

4) Rinse noodles & place them in cold water.


Expiry Date

We will dispatch products that are at least 2 weeks from expiry date.

Product is to be consumed within expiry date to ensure freshness.

Stone-Milled Hitachi Autumn Soba (200 g)


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