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Do you have sensitive & dry skin that constant moisturizing can't seem to help? We would like to introduce this "life-changing showerhead" by Mirable Plus. 

Currently, it is one of the top selling product in Japan & this is the first time that it is available for sale outside of Japan! 


Using the latest technology from Japan, this "Mirable Plus Shower Head" is able to produce very small bubbles  below 1 μm in size, allowing them to penetrate deeply into the pores to cleanse & moisturize the skin. When used together with "Tornado Stick", it effectively removes the chlorine from the water, protecting those with sensitive skin & preventing hair loss. Change your life today with "Mirable Plus Beauty Shower Head"!


Information about Shower

  • Main part dimension: 160 mm x 70 mm x 55φ
  • Thread dimension: G 1/2mm
  • Water supply pressure: 0.1~0.3MPa
  • Material:
  • Body - Polycarbonate
  • Screw & Spring: Stainless
    Packing: EPDM
  • ●Straight shower: 8.5L/min
    Microbubbles (Diameter:30μm) 6,000 bubbles
    Ultra fine bubbles (Diameter:150nm) 700K bubbles

    ●Mist shower: 3.5L/min
    Microbubbles (Diameter:10μm) 2,400 bubbles
    Ultra fine bubbles (Diameter:130nm) 14 million bubbles

Mirable Plus Beauty Shower Head Set & Refill

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Mirable Shower Head

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