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For over 70 years, Maruya has specialised in producing canned seafood products. This "Maruya Canned Boiled Salmon" is made from Salmon caught in Miyagi, Eastern Japan & stewed with soy sauce, free from chemical seasonings. Perfect as a side dish with sake or as an ingredient for baked goods!


This item is sold in Nomono Shop located in GRANSTA of Tokyo Station. Get your hands on this limited item today through the HIS x Tokyo Station Collaboration today!


Limited stocks available.

Comes in a can of 90 g. 


Expiry Date

We will dispatch products that are at least 2 weeks from expiry date.

Product is to be consumed within expiry date to ensure freshness.

Maruya Canned Boiled Salmon with Soy Sauce


*This item is available for store pick-up!*


・Reservation is non-refundable & non-amendable once confirmed.
・Shipping will be additional cost borne by the customer.
・This product is only available for customers residing in Singapore.

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