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Can be use for gas and IH cookers


★Enjoy on the table

You can enjoy making it in the kitchen or on the table. You can also make it in the kitchen and eat it while keeping it warm on the table. It can be used outdoors also.


★Delicious because of made from cast metal

Since it is made of thick iron casting, it does not easily cool down when the main body warms up, and the ingredients are slowly cooked. The bottom of the grilled potato pot has protrusions to make the potatoes fluffy. In addition to sweet potatoes, roasted corn, roasted chestnuts, roasted eggplants, and baked potatoes with potatoes.


★Supply iron

The amount of iron that elutes from iron cooking utensils during cooking is very small, but it is said to be "divalent iron", which is easily absorbed by the intestines. The amount of iron eluted varies depending on the dish, but iron cookware is effective for iron supplementation, which tends to be insufficient.


[Material] Cast iron
[Size] 22cm(with handle:27.2cm)×h10cm(including cover size)
[Weight] Approximately 3.5 kg


Ikenaga Tekko Imojiro

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