A traditional Japanese beverage "Amazake" or "Koji Drink" has existed for several hundreds of years. By adding Koji - a fermenting agent used to make sake, shoyu & miso, to rice and allowing it to incubate, Amazake is produced. The main reason why Amazake or Sweet Sake (usually with no alcohol), tastes sweet naturally is due to the simple sugars produced from the breaking down of carbohydrates by enzymes in the incubation process. 


This "Horaiya Amazake" is from Fukushima Prefecture & has 3 different flavours (Original, Yuzu & Matcha). Try out this healthy drink which is loaded with Oligosaccharides, dietary fibre & Vitamin B and aids in improving on beauty & recovering from fatigue!


Made in Japan.

Product of Fukushima Prefecture.


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Horaiya Amazake (3 Flavours)

Horaiya Amazake

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