Want to incorporate some some greenery to your surroundings but unsure how to go about doing this?

Join us for a "Close Ornamental Terrarium Workshop" by The Green Capsule today! There will be an instructor present to provide guidance and tips to creating your very own "Close Ornamental Terrarium".


What is a Terrarium? 

It is a portable, low maintainence mini garden. The type of plants used for Open & Closed Terrariums are different due to the air circulation & humidity factor. 


For Closed Terrariums, moisture-loving plants such as moss & ferns are ideal as they are able to thrive in low-light & moist environments. It is good to take note that closed terrariums tend to have higher temperatures due to the closed environment, so do not put it under direct sunlight!


Materials provided during Workshop

・1 Glass Jar (Measuring 19 cm x 9 cm)*
・Assorted Plants
・Assorted Moss & Stones
・1 Figurine

* For bigger sized jars, you can choose to upgrade and make payment on the spot.


Duration of Workshop

・Approximately 1 hour 

・Available daily from 11:45 - 18:45, please indicate preferred timeslot when completing your purchase. We will update you once it has been confirmed.

・To be held at The Green Capsule's shop @ Funan 

Closed Ornamental Terrarium Workshop (The Green Capsule)


・Reservation is non-refundable & non-amendable once confirmed.
・Shipping will be additional cost borne by the customer.
・This product is only available for customers residing in Singapore.

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