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"CERAFIL" was born by fusing the tradition of Hasami ware in Nagasaki, which has a history of 400 years, with modern ceramic technology. An earth-friendly paperless coffee filter and dripper. The innumerable holes of 50 microns (same as thickness of hair) and the far-infrared effect make coffee taste a  different. The technique of removing impurities by hand in each kiln is the result of craftsmanship. It can be washed only with water without using detergent. For 1 to 4 cups. The affordable Cerafil Light comes in two colors (gray and marble). Come with a soak holder and a coffee spoon. We will deliver Cerafil, which is not yet sold in Singapore, from Japan with wonderful wrapping. Come as a gift for coffee lovers!


Including sending fee from Japan
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Come with red coffee spoon for HIS customer only.

Cerafil Light can be used as it is for coffee servers and cups with a diameter of 7cm ~ 8cm.


Material:FILTER - Ceramic          SOAK HOLDER - Pottery stone

Size:FILTER - (W)10.5cm , (H)7cm, (Bottom W)5.5cm

             SOAK HOLDER - (W)8cm, (H)2.5cm, (Bottom W)6cm


Cerafil Light Coffee Filter

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S$79.20Sale Price
Flilter color
Soak holder color

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*Including shipping fee from Japan

*Shippment period:7days to 14days

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*All processes are handmade, there may be some size errors.Please refrain from those who are extremely nervous.