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This aromatic "Yamatan Masamune Ginjo Sake" made from Shizukuhime sake rice was served in ANA First Class cabin in 2014. In addition, it also won the first prize in the 29th Japanese Sake Contest. With its light & refreshing flavour, it is able to complement most of the dishes to bring out the umami. Try this special award-winning sake and bond over a meal with  your friends & family members today!


Made in Japan. 

Product of Ehime Prefecture.

Information about Sake

Rice Polishing Rate: 50%

720 ml, 15% Alcohol

Dry & Light


SMV: +4

Acidity: 1.2

Recommended Serving Temperature: Chilled


Expiry Date

Subjected to changes depending on batches. 

Please be assured that products offered and delivered would be at least 2 weeks away from the expiry date.


*For purchase of 6 bottles.

【Bundle Set】Yamatan Masamune Ginjo (720ml)

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