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  • International Wine&Spirits Competition2020 Trophy Medal(UK)!!
  • International Wine&Spirits Competition2019 Gold Medal(UK)!!
  • Monde Selection won the highest gold award for 5 consecutive years(JP)!!
  • National Plum Wine Fair 2017, 2018, 2019 Silver Award(JP)!!


Fresh green plums, rock candy, and sweet potato shochu (Satsuma Godai) raw liquor are used to add the flesh of mashed Nanko plums to the sweet potato shochu brewed Godai plum wine, which has a faint sweetness and aroma of sweet potatoes. This plum wine is characterized by its fragrance and rich taste. Shake well before drinking and enjoy straight, on the rocks.


Made in Japan. 

Product of Kagoshima Prefecture.

Information about Umeshu

720 ml, 12% Alcohol


Expiry Date

Subjected to changes depending on batches. 

Please be assured that products offered and delivered would be at least 2 weeks away from the expiry date.

*For purchase of 6 bottles.

【Bundle Set】Godai Umedayu Nigori Umeshu (720ml)

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