Enjoy this premium grape juice, "Amethyst Dew Shizuku - The Rich", made from Japanese indigenous wild grapes known as "Crimson Glory". Packed with Iron & Polyphenol, it aids in the blood production process & helps with digestive issues. In addition, with no alcohol content, it is suitable for children & elderly to enjoy it with a meal. 


"Amethyst Dew Shizuku - The Rich" as the name goes, is made from sweet, rich & fully matured mountain grapes, harvested in late autumn. It goes especially well with bread & meat-based dishes and can be enjoyed on its own, with carbonated water or sparkling wine to create a cocktail; or you can use it to make a sauce for red meat & game meat to bring out its potential. With its beautiful box, it would make a perfect gift during Christmas, Birthdays or Anniversaries. 


Made in Japan.

Product of Iwate Prefecture.


Comes in a bottle of 720 ml without box.

Iron: 0.3mg per 100ml

Polyphenol: 130mg per 100ml


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Amethyst Dew Shizuku "The Rich" Premium Grape Juice (720 ml)


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