Feeling artistic & want to add some greenery to your surroundings? This "Air Plant Greenwall DIY Kit" by The Green Capsule, is the perfect way to showcase your skills or present it as a completed gift to your friends and loved ones! 


What is an Air Plant? 

Air plants, otherwise known as Tillandsias, originate from places such as forests, mountains and deserts of Northern Mexico and other countries. There are more than 650 species of Tillandsias, out of which, the most common species is known as the Tillandsia Ionantha. The unique point about these plants as the name goes, does not require soil to survive.


They take in moisture from their surroundings and thrive well in places with high humidity. However, it does not mean that they do not require watering at all. They generally love gentle misting every 2 - 3 days in Singapore's humid weather.  Ensure that they are thoroughly dry before returning them back to their display sets, otherwise irreversible root rot might occur. 


Items included in your DIY Kit

・1 Wooden Frame (Measuring 13 x 18 cm)
・4 Prepack of Preserved Moss (Dark Green, Light Green, White & Yellow)
・2 Tubes of E6000 Glue
・1 Driftwood
・3 - 4 Air Plants (Depending on sizes)
・1 FREE Figurine

Air Plant Greenwall DIY Kit (The Green Capsule)


・Reservation is non-refundable & non-amendable once confirmed.
・Shipping will be additional cost borne by the customer.
・This product is only available for customers residing in Singapore.

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