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Our retail store at HIS online eMall is officially opened with a renewed travel + souvenir store concept! Although our travel plans may have been grounded to a halt for now, we hope to bring a piece of Japan to you by offering a carefully curated range of Japanese products, such as masks, sakes, snacks, etc.

The theme for this entry would be the yuzu fruit!

According to an article on Healthline, the small yet versatile citrus fruit has a diameter of 2 – 3 inches (5.5 – 7.5 cm). It has a relatively thick yellow skin and is more aromatic and much sourer than other citrus fruits. Yuzu contains the following benefits:

  • Powerful antioxidants like vitamin C & limonene, which help neutralize harmful free radicals and reduce inflammation in your body. What's more, vitamin C also helps regenerate other antioxidants in your body such as vitamin E!

  • Two flavonoids (hesperidin and naringin) which may improve blood flow and reduce risk of heart disease.

  • Limonene and linalool, which are responsible for the distinctive yuzu aroma may reduce your heart rate and help relieve stress, anxiety, and other tensions.

Due to its extreme sourness, the citrus fruit isn’t normally consumed on its own. It is often added to pastes, marmalades, sweets, tea, etc. Yuzu also acts as a great replacement for lemon/lime in dressings, condiments, desserts, baked goods, and beverages.

Kochi Prefecture in Shikoku region is the largest producer of the citrus fruit in all of Japan. Being a staple in Kochi's cuisine, yuzu is being turned into a variety of condiments and even beauty cosmetic products. They grow better inland in slightly more mountainous regions, rather than warm coastal areas. As the mentioned prefecture consists of 80% forests, it is the perfect environment for cultivation. Learn about the history of yuzu on Yuzu Road in the Chugei area of eastern Kochi!

One of the locals' favorite is inaka-sushi (country sushi), where yuzu vinegar is used to coat the rice, with fresh mountain vegetables and mushrooms replacing the sliced raw fish on top.

Or join a factory tour at Umaji Village and understand both the production and packing process:

Umaji-mura Nokyo - Yuzu-no-Mori Factory

Address: 3888-4 Umaji, Umaji Village, Aki-gun, Kochi Prefecture

Telephone: 0120-559-659

Operating Hours: 8:30 - 17:00 [Open year round (except for the period around New Year's)]

Tour Cost: Free

Here are some of our crowd favourite products:

#1: Yuzu Honey [220g] (Umaji Village, Kochi Prefecture) Use this nutritious & versatile yuzu honey in different ways! E.g. Jam spread on bread/pancakes, ingredient for jelly/sherbets, etc.

#2: Yuzu Ponzu Soy Sauce [500ml] (Umaji Village, Kochi Prefecture)

A staple in many Japanese families, add a kick to your mundane dishes (e.g. gyoza, salads) with this tangy yuzu ponzu soy sauce! Made from fragrant yuzu harvested from Kochi Prefecture.

#3: Karen na Yuzu Sake [500ml] (Shiga Prefecture)

Yuzu lovers alert! 7 - 8 ripe yuzu fruits from Kochi are used in every bottle, making it a highly concentrated yuzu sake. The brewing process involves squeezing of these yuzus at low pressure hence resulting in a fresh, rich fruity taste. Product of Shiga Prefecture.

There are many other yuzu related products available, so be sure to visit our online shop or retail store at 100AM!

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