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Welcome to the bustling city of Osaka, one of the must-visit cities on your first trip to Japan! Hop on to a Shinkansen (bullet train) from the Tokyo capital and you will arrive in Osaka city approximately 3 hours later~ Here in Osaka, you can find plenty of shopping opportunities, modern attractions, exciting nightlife and friendly locals!

Not to forget the various cuisines unique to the Kansai region such as Takoyaki, Okonomiyaki, Tecchiri (Fugu Hotpot), Kushikatsu, Oshizushi and many more!

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Sightseeing Spots

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Osaka Castle


A must-visit sightseeing spot to gain more insights into the history of Japan. The Osaka castle is located near the Osakajokoen Station, surrounded by impressive stone walls, moats and secondary citadels. 


During springtime, many flock to enjoy sakura viewing (Hanami) sessions at the Nishinomaru Garden located in the grounds of the castle. Also, you can learn about the castle's history and Toyotomi Hideyoshi through the various exhibits and there is an elevator within the castle after its revamp!

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Kaiyukan Aquarium 

Located near Osaka Bay, the Osaka Kaiyukan Aquarium is one of Japan's most spectacular aquariums. With 15 tanks housing various marine life, the highlight of the attraction is the 9m deep main tank where you can see a whale shark!


Another impressive feature in the aquarium is that visitors would start their journey from 8th floor then slowly make their way down, enabling them to observe the marine life from various depths. One can also drop by the neighbouring Universal Studios Japan for a quick visit!



Dubbed the "Nostalgic Osaka", Shinsekai was developed pre-war but neglected in the next few decades. The famous symbol of the location is none other than the Tsutenkaku Tower, constructed to mimic Paris' Eiffel Tower. 

Here, you can find budget eats and one of Osaka's famous dishes - Kushikatsu, which comprises of various skewered deep fried food. There is an interesting unspoken rule that you should only dip the skewers in the communal sauce container once!

About "Osaka-Mon"

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What is Osaka-Mon?

In Osaka, there is a brand certificated by Osaka prefecture, "Osaka-Mon" & "Osaka-Mon Meihin".

"Osaka-Mon" are the agricultural products, livestock products, forest products, marine products that are cultivated and produced in the Osaka prefecture and processed products that use them as a raw materials.

"Osaka-Mon Meihin" are souvenirs that represent Osaka and refer to processed foods that have been loved overtime, such as those that have been in production for more than 50 years.

This time, we tried to collect the self-confidence products of "Osaka-Mon" and "Osaka-Mon Meihin".

Omiyage from Osaka