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Hai-Sai! Welcome to one of Japan's southernmost prefecture - Okinawa prefecture. Comprising of over 160 islands stretching from Kyushu to Taiwan, surrounded by the East China Sea & the Pacific Ocean. There are 3 main groups of islands namely: the Okinawa Honto, the Miyako Islands & the Ishigaki Islands.

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With a subtropical temperature ranging from 17 to 30 degrees throughout the year, it is no wonder that Okinawa is popular with Singaporeans!  In addition, it is famous for its gorgeous clear blue waters with abundant marine life & corals, perfect for that snorkeling experience.


& Culture

Let's take a closer look at the Okinawa Main Island (Okinawa Hontou) aka the former Ryukyu Kingdom! It is the largest & most populous island in the Okinawa Prefecture where the Naha Airport is situated. We would like to introduce you to 2 main sightseeing spots & 1 unique cultural item: Churaumi Aquarium, Kokusai Dori Street & Shamisen.


Churaumi Aquarium

One definitely would not leave out this well-known aquarium when visiting Okinawa!

The prime highlight of this aquarium is its massive Kuroshio Tank, where you can see a wide variety of marine species such as the Whale Sharks & Manta Rays.

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Okinawa Sanshin


This traditional 3-stringed instrument usually covered in snake skin is used in the melodies of classical Ryukyu music & Okinawan folk music.


While sanshins are generally expensive, there are more affordable versions which were made to be sold as souvenirs!

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Kokusai Dori Street


Located in downtown Naha over a stretch of 2 km, the Kokusai Dori Street is where you can find all kinds of entertainment from food to dancing!

Immerse yourself in the truly Okinawan spirit with live music being played in restaurants!

Okinawa's Specialty 

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Kokuto (Brown Sugar)

Okinawa is known for its high quality Kokuto or brown sugar, made by hardening the freshly squeezed juice from sugarcanes through a slow process involving numerous hours of boiling. Kokuto is a 100% healthy food with no artificial additives and is high in calcium, potassium & iron. It also has a distinctive & mellowly sweet flavour.

Shikuwasa (Local Lime)

An unique fruit native to Okinawa, it is packed full of nutrients such as Vitamin C, Vitamin B1, Citric Acid and various minerals. In addition, it contains nobiletin a citrus flavonoid which reduces lifestyle-related diseases like diabetes & high blood pressure. Shikuwasa is known for its citrusy & sour taste and is commonly used as a flavouring for grilled fish, yakiniku, salads in Japan. 


Omiyage from Okinawa