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Kanagawa Jelly


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19 flavours

Originating from Odawara city in Kanagawa Prefecture, "Nature" as the name of the company suggests, produces their famous Kanagawa Jelly using freshly selected local fruits & vegetables.


The current product offering is amazing at 19 different varieties of  flavoured jellies! Of which, more than half of these flavours use raw ingredients from Kanagawa Prefecture, such as the rare Shounan Gold fruit, Sakura, Soga Plums, Hamanashi Pears and many more.

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One might be curious about how these jellies are made, since you can see the actual fruit or flower inside the jelly itself! The answer is simple - every single one of them is specially handmade. 

The recommended flavours are Sakura (Yaezakura), Apple & Peach Jelly. Of which, the most unqiue one would be that of the Sakura Jelly, whereby the Yaezakura flowers are harvested by hand after full bloom in April to ensure that they maintain the shape inside the jelly too.


Picture credit: Japan Management Association


As mentioned by Mr Ozone Issei, the Director of "Nature", their products are handmade in small quantities unlike that of usual manufacturers, making it a luxurious dessert.

Currently, these jellies are being exported to Hong Kong & Singapore  but they do attend various food exhibitions so be sure to catch them at their booths! 

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