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Located on Japan's Shikoku Island, Kochi Prefecture is known for its untouched sceneries, clear Niyodo Blue rivers  & lengthy coastlines with instagrammable beaches like the Chichibugahama Beach. 

In addition to the historic sightseeing destinations like Kochi Castle, it also boasts rustic food halls & down-to-earth local markets selling fresh farm produces. This is a highly recommended must-visit location for nature & cultural lovers!

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Sightseeing & Culture

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Niyodo River

One of the purest rivers in Japan, stretching 124 km in length, which produces a mysterious cobalt blue colour known as the "Niyodo Blue".

Witness this breathtaking scenery at Nikobuchi, where a stout but voluminous waterfall plunges into the crystal clear base.


Sawachi Ryori


Feel the spirit of Kochi through this representative dish!


Sawachi Ryori is a large platter dish for special occasions with many different varieties of fresh sashimi, shellfish & katsuo-no-tataki (Lightly broiled, sliced Bonito).


Yusuhara Town


A small quaint town  located in the mountainous area of Kochi, with multiple futuristic architecture that awaits to surprise you.


Explore the Town office, Library & many many more structures made from timber slabs & designed by famed architect - Kengo Kuma.

Kochi's pride - Yuzu

Yuzu juice

Being Japan's largest producer of Yuzu, a citrusy fruit with refreshing aroma,  it is no doubt a staple ingredient in the everyday life of people in Kochi, from cooking, beverages to condiments! The terrain of Kochi with forests in mountainous regions making it conducive to cultivate Yuzu. 

Stop by Umaji-mura, a small town lined with Yuzu orchards, to have a taste of Yuzu products & experience a special factory tour!

(Image Credit: Kochi Visitors & Convention Association) 

Omiyage from Kochi, Umaji-mura