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Discover a hidden Japan at Kagoshima Prefecture, one of Japan's southernmost city! With its temperate climate, coastal location & unique geography, Kagoshima has much to offer in terms of scenery, outdoor activities & gourmet. Some of its famed sightseeing spots include the active volcano - Sakurajima; UNESCO World Heritage site at Yakushima Island as well as the Japanese style landscape garden - Sengan-en.

For the foodies, you can enjoy unique Kagoshima cuisines such as the Kagoshima Ramen, Kurobuta Shabu Shabu, Shirokuma Shaved Ice & Satsuma-age! There's something for everyone at Kagoshima, a Japan yet to be discovered.

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Sightseeing & Culture


Ibusuki Sand Bath

Located at the southwest tip of Kagoshima Prefecture, Ibusuki is known for its rich onsen sources, especially so for the unique sand baths made possible with naturally heated sand. 

Enjoy a relaxed therapy with the sound of waves in the background at this open-air sand bath!

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Sengan-en Garden


Also known as Isoteien, it is a Japanese landscape garden with Sakurajima & Kagoshima Bay in the background as "borrowed scenery". 

Be sure to check out this garden which was built in 1658 by the Shimazu Clan for its rich history!

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Yakushima Island


Officially declared a World Heritage site in 1993, Yakushima Island which is located south of Kagoshima, is covered by an extensive cedar forest - some of which are over 1,000 years old! 

For the adventurous, you can go on a 10 hours round trip trekking course to visit Jomon-sugi, estimated to be at least 2,000 years old.

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Satsuma-Imo (Japanese Sweet Potato)

With its distinctive vibrant reddish-purple skin & yellow flesh, it is hard to miss the usual Satsuma-imo. One of the top tier sweet potatoes, also known as Kogane Sengan (黄金千貫) is grown in Kagoshima Prefecture. This type of sweet potato has a golden skin colour & pale cream coloured flesh unlike that of its usual counterparts.

Kagoshima's Speciality

Omiyage from Kagoshima