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Facing challenges while food shopping is not uncommon if you do have a delicate digestive system. Japan Energy Food from Yokohama, Kanagawa, manufactures nutritious healthy energy bars with mainly Brown rice (Genmai) & Miso.

According to their CEO, Mr Kazuhiro Aizawa, these 2 nutrient-rich superfoods help boost the body's immune system. The low GI genmai contains dietary fiber & minerals, while miso contains essential amino acids, as well as vitamins, minerals & iso-flavonoids. The company currently offers 3 different flavoured energy bars — Miso, Ume & Curry.



Picture credit: Kokoro Care Packages


A lot of research has been invested into developing this portable yet nourishing & savory cereal bar. The production process involves mixing rice puffs in heated syrup & flavourings via a rolling mill. The end product is a firm, chewy-textured cereal bar with the umami of miso & bonito.

What's more, each bar has only approximately around 60 - 80 calories, making it the perfect snack in-between meals for one to satiate hunger!


Picture credit: Japan Energy Food Co.Ltd.


Being one of the pioneers to offer a nutritious and low-calorie Japanese snack, Japan Energy Food aims to make the world healthy with Washoku, traditional Japanese food which is renowned for being healthy & delicious.

Do try out the most popular curry flavour energy bar or the ume flavour (gluten-free) if you have an allergy to gluten.

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