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Japanese Sake

Japanese Sake, is an alcoholic beverage produced from fermented rice. Be sure to use the term: Nihonshu (日本酒) aka "Japanese Alcohol" in Japan's Izakayas when placing orders for Japanese Sake!


The main components that make up Japanese Sake are namely: Rice (Sakamai 酒米), Water & Koji Mould. The percentage of the rice polishing prior to brewing, determines the grade of the sake. In other words, the more polished the rice, the higher the grade of sake. The average ABV (alcohol by volume) of sake is around 14 - 16%, but sparkling versions can be as low as 4.5%.



Junmai vs Non-Jumai

Junmai (純米) meaning "pure rice" in Japanese, refers to sake brewed without additives such as sugar or alcohol. These form tend to be richer, more acidic and relatively less sweet.

Non-Junmai sake are produced with alcohol primarily to balance the overall taste of the drink. As these tend to have a lower acidity, they tend to be smoother, lighter and have a more aromatic aftertaste. 

Common types include:

  • Junmai Daiginjyo (純米大吟醸) | Daiginjyo (大吟醸 ): 50% Polished Rice, Premium Sake, Served Chilled, Delicate & Refined with fruity aftertaste.

  • Junmai Ginjyo (純米吟醸) | Ginjyo (吟醸)60% Polished Rice, Served Chilled, Easy to Drink, Light, Fruity & Complex flavour.

Types of Japanese Sake

  • Tokubetsu Junmai (特別純米): 70% Polished Rice, Recommended for Beginners, Lingering Taste of Rice, Pairs well with delicate dishes like steamed food.

  • Junmai (純米): 70% Polished Rice, Rich full body with an Intense, Slightly Acidic flavour, Goes well with grilled dishes. 

  • Tokubetsu Honjyozo (特别本醸造): 70% Polished Rice, Easy to Drink, Served Warm or Chilled, Light on palate. 

  • Honjyozo (本醸造): 70% Polished Rice, Easy to Drink, Goes well with food that are lighter in taste. 

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