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Cherry Blossom

from Japan

Do you miss Japan? Because we definitely do! We miss the food, the culture, the people, the sounds of the busy cities and the laidback vibes from Inaka (Rural) areas. 


Experience Japan in a different way, here at H.I.S. eMall, we bring Japan to you. Join us as we partner up with various Japanese prefectures to bring you the best of their Japanese Omiyage* as well as their famous sightseeing spots! For more information of latest collaborations, please follow us on Instagram or Facebook!


Curious about how these products are being produced? Find out more in the "Farm-to-Table" banner below!

(*Omiyage, aka Souvenirs, are unique local produces made into snacks perfect for sharing with your colleagues or other items representative of the particular Japanese prefecture.

**We only bring in limited quantities of each product, therefore it would not be restocked once sold out.)

Our Valued Partners

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